2015 Winners


We had so many excellent entries that were thought through and executed well.

Winners will receive award certificates and cash prizes.

Youthful Expressions is grateful for our sponsors and donors that funded this project and allowed us to give out over $800 in cash prizes this year. Please consider donating to or sponsoring next year's event, a lot or a little, everything helps.

Listed below are all the winners of our 2015 competition. Prizes and certificates will be mailed to winners.

Fine Art- Drawing

Grades K-2:                                                                                  
1st Place: Angela Woo, "Come Sail Away"                                     
2nd Place: Kaelin Tsang, "Life of a Tree"
3rd Place: Ashlan Pearson, "Trapped!"

Grades 3-5:
1st Place: Isannah Berkholder, "Leah"
2nd Place: Amelia Gibson, "Fox in the Woods"
3rd Place: Michelle Piao, "Day at Sea with Dolphins"  

Grades 6-8:                                          
1st Place: Allison Guthrie, "Illuminescence"                 
2nd Place: Catherine Kim, "Live Life to the Fullest"               
3rd Place: London Johnson, "Nature's Water Fountain"           

Grades 9-12:
1st Place: Lily Liu, "Freeze"
2nd Place: Ciena Higginbotham, "Smell the Roses"
3rd Place: Gabriella Gonzalez-Yoxtheimer, "Grasping Time"


Fine Art- Painting

Grades K-2:                                                                                  
1st Place: George Altvater, "Natures Beauty"                            
2nd Place: Ellie Rinker, "Flying Wheelchair"
3rd Place: Katherine Li, "Blossom"

Grades 3-5:
1st Place: Chloe Gordon, "The Big Picture"
2nd Place: Stephanie Bradley, "Stop and Notice"
3rd Place: Cate Cummings, "Untitled 1"

Grades 6-8:
1st Place: Megan Kaura, "A Wave of Emotion"
2nd Place: Eliah Jade Rogers, "Know Beauty"
3rd Place: Ava Kough, "Sweet"

Grades 9-12:
1st Place: Alexa Paul, "Slow and Steady"
2nd Place: Emily Thompson, "Rose in a Blue Vase"
3rd Place: Madeline Gibson, "In Retrospect"


Fine Art- Digital

Grades K-2:                                          
1st Place: William Cope, "Puppy with a Mask Machine"                  

Grades 3-5:                                          
1st Place: Kyra Johansen, "Rapunzel's Gaze"
2nd Place: Robert Cope, "The Butterfly"

Grades 6-8:                                          
1st Place: Yating Feng, "Spring in Chicago"
2nd Place: Gateway School, "Alien, Green, Future is Bright, Earth,  Blue, Beach, Mountains, Sunset Beach"

Grades 9-12:
1st Place: Hannah Smoot, "Hope"
2nd Place: Kaitlyn Andrus, "A Bedtime Story"
3rd Place: Tess Buchannan, "Anicca-Nothing is Fixed"



Grades K-2:                                                                                   
1st Place: Gary Leschinshky, "It's Good to Live Slow"                                     
2nd Place: Naja de Villecourt, "Live Slow Enough"                
3rd Place: Ariah Gashler, "Hope and Love"               

Grades 3-5:
1st Place: Mark Leschinsky, "Amazing Amish"
2nd Place: Bella Watson, "An Open Heart"

Grades 6-8:
1st Place: Zoe Mermin, "See"
2nd Place: Eliah Jade Rogers, "Look Around You"

Grades 9-12:
1st Place: Sabine Moller, "Live Slow Enough"
2nd Place: Lily Liu, "Quiet Dreams"


Music Composition

Grades K-2:                                                                                  
1st Place: Ariah Gashler, "Let It Be"

Grades 3-5:                                                                                  
1st Place: Robert Cope, "Bass Clef"
2nd Place: Trenton Browning, "Rippling River"

Grades 6-8:                                                                                  
1st Place: Eliah Jade Rogers, "Waterfall"

Grades 9-12:
1st Place: Isaiah Pack, "The Race"
2nd Place: Julia Gargano, "Long Way Home"



Grades 3-5:                                        
1st Place: Serena Rogers, "My Version of Cinderella"        

Grades 6-8:                                        
1st Place: Eliah Jade Rogers, "Toilet Plunger Guy vs. The Muffin Man"


Digital Game Design

Grades 6-8:                                        
1st Place: Sam Welks, "Don't Rush It"     


Photography- Edited

Grades K-2:                                                                                  
1st Place: Abigail Gordon, "Smiles"                               
Grades 3-5:
1st Place: Trenton Browning, "Curly Palm"
2nd Place: Serena Rogers, "Pretty Flower"
3rd Place: Elias Harris, "Patriot Moon"   

Grades 6-8:
1st Place: Mia Gindis, "The Human Timer"
2nd Place: Dexter Lopez, "Reflections"
3rd Place: Abigail Pau, "Reflection" 

Grades 9-12:
1st Place: Emily Davis, "Strength/Grace/Love"
2nd Place: Erica Palmieri, "Solitude"
3rd Place: Soumya Avva, "Slow Down"


Photography- Non Edited

Grades K-2:                                                                                  
1st Place: Alexis Wiedeman, "The Last Blackberry"
2nd Place: Gary Leschinsky, "Beautiful Snail in my Little Sister's Hand"
3rd Place: Sedona Orsi, "Ozzie Snuggling"                             
Grades 3-5:
1st Place: Jacinta Bos, "Quiet Love"
2nd Place: Trace Waldram, "Off on an Adventure"
3rd Place: Sara Mudick, "Family Shadow Vacation" 

Grades 6-8:
1st Place: Faith O'Connor, "Impression in the Sand"
2nd Place: Jackie Pheloung, "New Beginnings"
3rd Place: Milan DiLeo, "Hidden Secrets"

Grades 9-12:
1st Place: Zachariah Chou, "Frozen Droplets"
2nd Place: Gabrielle Robinson, "Trillium Lake"
3rd Place: Megan McPhee, "Catch of the Day"


People's Choice Award

"Enjoy Every Second of Your Life" by Juliana Ramirez
"Peaceful Sunrise" by Jianna Kim


Grand Prize Nominees

"See the Little Things" by Tess Buchannan
"Hope" by Hannah Smoot
"Live Slow Enough" by Sabine Moller
"Slow and Steady" by Alexa Paul
"Freeze" by Lily Liu
"Soluitude" by Erica Palmieri
"The Race" by Isaiah Pack
"Toilet Plunger Guy vs. The Muffin Man" by Eliah Jade Rogers


Grand Prize Winner

"Live Slow Enough" by Sabine Moller