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Who are we?

Youthful Expressions was created by a group of parents of home-educated and public school students wanting to provide a new and consistent way to motivate youth to create art. We have been involved in the Reflections program as well as county and state fairs but those are not always available or convenient for all youth to get involved in and such events sometimes would only allow one entry per child. We have experienced how moving to a different states disrupts yearly creating for these aforementioned types of events. We wanted to give home-educated students easy access to a yearly competition that you can always count on and participate in no matter where you live (as long as you have internet access). We wanted to give public and private school students another option for creating art where they can win cash prizes with more categories that are not subject to local variations. We think that art competitions should be available and rewarding to all types of students. We have created our competition so that there are more categories to enter and students can enter ALL of them. We designed our competition so that in the winter months indoor time can be spent creating with a celebration of completion and winners in the spring. So this is it. Youthful Expressions is online. It is national. It is yearly. It is for everyone. We hope you get involved!